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On August 6, 2019, Remark Holdings, Inc. (“we” or “our”), released an investor presentation intended to provide an updated view of our business and future areas of focus as we continue our transformation into a company solely providing artificial-intelligence-based products and services. The presentation is attached hereto as Exhibit 99.1 and is incorporated herein by reference.

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Remark Holdings, Inc.
August 6, 2019
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Kai-Shing Tao
Chief Executive Officer

EXHIBIT 99.1 Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Solutions for the Retail, Workplace / Public August 2019 Safety, and Smart City Markets NASDAQ: MARK 1

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements This presentation contains “forward-looking statements,” as defined in Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. Forward-looking statements may be in the future tense, and often include words such as “anticipate”, “expect”, “project”, “believe”, “plan”, “estimate”, “intend”, “will” and “may”. These statements are based on current expectations, but are subject to certain risks and uncertainties, many of which are difficult to predict and are beyond the control of Remark Holdings. Relevant risks and uncertainties include those referenced in Remark Holdings’ filings with the SEC, and include but are not limited to: its losses and need to raise capital; its ability to procure content and monetize audiences; recent and future changes in technology, services and standards; a disruption or failure of its or its vendors’ network and information systems or other technology relied on by Remark Holdings; changes in consumer behavior, including changes in spending behavior and changes in when, where and how content is consumed; the popularity of its products and services; changes in its plans, initiatives and strategies, and consumer acceptance thereof; competitive pressures, including as a result of user fragmentation and changes in technology; changes in advertising market conditions or advertising expenditures due to, among other things, economic conditions, changes in consumer behavior, pressure from public interest groups, changes in laws and regulations and other societal or political developments; piracy and Remark Holdings’ ability to exploit and protect its intellectual property rights in and to its content and other products; restrictions on intellectual property under agreements with third parties; challenges inherent in developing an online business; reliance on key personnel; risks of business in foreign countries, notably China, including obtaining regulatory approvals and adjusting to changing political and economic policies; governmental laws and regulations, including unclear and changing laws and regulations related to the Internet sector in foreign countries, especially China; general industry conditions and competition; and general economic conditions, such as advertising rate, interest rate and currency exchange rate fluctuations. These risks and uncertainties could cause the company’s actual results to differ materially from those expressed in or implied by the forward-looking statements, and therefore should be carefully considered. Remark Holdings assumes no obligation to update any forward- looking statements as a result of new information or future events or developments, except as required by law. NASDAQ: MARK 2

TOC 1 Who We Are 2 Industries We Serve • RETAIL • WORKPLACE & FOOD SAFETY • SMART CITY & PUBLIC SAFETY 3 Digital Media Portfolio 4 Appendix NASDAQ: MARK 3

Who We Are DIVERSIFIED GLOBAL Remark AI Remark AI – Proven technology and tailored applications launched TECHNOLOGY COMPANY WITH in the retail (supermarkets and shopping centers), workplace and food safety (construction / restaurant kitchens), and Smart City LEADING ARTIFICIAL (Traffic Management, Taxi Fleet Management, Public Safety) spaces INTELLIGENCE SOLUTIONS AND PORTFOLIO OF DIGITAL MEDIA Digital Media Portfolio Digital Media Portfolio – Minority ownership in Sharecare, Inc., PROPERTIES an established health and wellness platform with 100MM users, Remark Entertainment and NASDAQ: MARK 4

REMARK AI Investment Highlights Artificial-intelligence technology pioneer with real-time applications. Ranked in the Top 20 in the world in the NIST Facial Recognition in the Wild Test, ahead of private-market comparable companies valued at greater than $1 billion. Delivers immediate return on investment for customers due to increased revenue conversion and reduced expenses through the intelligent automation of tedious tasks. Valuation discount/discrepancy between public valuation and private- market comparable companies. Sharecare ownership stake represents future value creation via potential monetization of non-strategic asset. NASDAQ: MARK 5

Remark AI Rankings as of June 2019 NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Wild Image Accuracy Test RANK (Wild ) Remark AI achieves Top 20 Ranking on the Remark National Institute of Standards and Technology AI 18 (NIST)’s Facial Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) 27 The Wild Image Accuracy Test 54 Wild Image recognition is generally considered the most challenging area for facial recognition Remark AI technologies and is also considered one of the Service Platform 74 key factors to measure how good the facial recognition performance is in industrial-use cases (PR Newswire April 23, 2019) 84 Source: Ongoing Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT). NASDAQ: MARK 6

Remark AI Valuation Comparison Remark AI $40M $300M $360M $370M $1.1B $2.4B $4.5B $6B • Image Recognition • Customer Data • Customer • Image • Image • Image • Image • Face Detection Management Demographic Recognition Recognition Recognition Recognition Tracking • Facial Recognition Report • Purchase • Facial Recognition • Store Digitization • Facial Recognition • Facial Recognition • Facial Recognition • Face Comparison Recommendation • Product • Face Comparison • Data Discovery • Face Comparison • Face Comparison • ID Authentication • s Placement Face Search and Visualization Management • Face Search • Face Search • Face Search • Liveness • • Customer ID Authentication • Product Detection Personalization • Traffic Counting / • Body Detection • ID Authentication • Body Detection • Placement Anti Spoofing Conversion • Augmented • Customer Management • Image • Reality Customer Targeting • Retail Activity Beautification Demographic Report Heat Maps • Image Processing • A/B Testing • Skeleton • Product Placement Optimization • Mobile Analytics Detection • Intelligent Video Management • Shopper Analytics • Traffic Counting / Engagement • Identify Conversion • Staffing Verification • Retail Activity Heat Optimization • Intelligent Maps business • Real Time AI Business Solutions Analytics • Mobile Internet • Decision Analytics Support NASDAQ: MARK 7

Remark AI (KANKAN) Revenue $4.6 MM $8.0 MM $5.7 MM $27 K 2016 2017 2018 Revenue Project Value Delivered Without Revenue Recognition * * Represents the value of projects delivered to and accepted by customers for which revenue was not recognized during the period. NASDAQ: MARK 8

Total Addressable Markets Chinese Telcom Providers are implementing Smart Terminals in Small and Total Outlets 15,000 Annual SAAS revenue their Stores. Approximately 40,000 retail stores exist Medium Banks Spend per Store for (15% market share over 3 years) ¥50,000 smart terminals $16.3 MM Market Potential $109.0 MM 17,800 total stores 14,000 total stores 10,000 total stores Retail Outlets / Total Retails Outlets 8,000,000 Annual SAAS revenue Stores – Upgrade per Store per Camera (2% market share over 3 years) Chinese Telcom Video Stream ¥240 41,800 SAAS Revenue for Video Retail Store Market Stream Market potential (2 per store) $556.5 MM $11.1 MM Spend per store for ¥50,000 Smart Terminals Smart Total Outlets 489,000 Market Opportunity Market potential $303.0 MM Pharmacy Spend per Kiosk ¥2,500 $177.0 MM Annual revenue $60.6 MM Smart Schools Total Primary School Campuses 400,000 Annual Subscription (20% market share over 3 years) Annual Subs. per School in Revenue Opportunity ¥70,000 ¥uan $4.1 Billion Global Telcom Retail Store Market Potential Annual Subs. per School in $ $10,145 PAID WeCHAT Subscription Channel for Parents to Communicate Global Telcom 400,000 with their Student’s Teachers. Retail Store Market Spend per store for Total Number of Schools 8,000 ¥50,000 Annual Subscription Smart Terminals Number of Students 1,200 Revenue Opportunity per school Market potential $2.9 Billion $62.6 MM Potential Subscribers (1.5x) 14,400,000 Recurring Annual Subscriber Annual revenue $145.0 MM ¥30 ($4.35) (5% market share over 3 years) income per student NASDAQ: MARK 9

REMARK AI BUSINESS MODEL Tapping the power of AI to deliver accessible and practical solutions at reasonable cost Highly Accurate Modest Profitable Cash Rapid Recurring And Actionable Incremental Flows As Scale Is Deployment License Fees Results Expenses Achieved NASDAQ: MARK 10


REMARK AI Industries RETAIL WORKPLACE & FOOD SAFETY SMART CITY & PUBLIC SAFETY Utilizing existing cameras and strategic sensors placed • Ensures workers are wearing proper • Traffic and fleet management. throughout the store, Remark AI swiftly analyzes real safety gear. • time customer shopping behavior such as time of store Provides surveillance for traffic violations. • Ensures kitchen staff are complying with local entry and shelf browsing habits, and provides • Ensures vehicles are properly registered. managers with a customer heatmap that reflects traffic health codes. • Predicts road condition changes and traffic patterns. Purchase history is also analyzed leading to • Frictionless entry at construction sites. relevant offers for future purchase conversions. congestion; provides hazard alerts. • Hours automatically logged into system upon • Flags unusual behavior by individuals, e.g., Customers are rewarded for their loyalty and repeat facial recognition authentication and check-in. visits, through special VIP status that brings customized dropped bags or loitering in public areas. promotions and coupons along with attentive • Real time project completion modeling tied to customer service. deadlines and costs. Retailers and Store Managers are able to make better data driven decisions regarding store layout, item placement, as well as pricing strategy. NASDAQ: MARK 12

RETAIL Remark AI Retail Solution Remark AI’s Retail Service Platform provides retailers with the tools needed for real-time analysis of customer traffic and shopping behaviors. Customer Customer Customer traffic Customer Flow Traffic Analysis Heatmaps Trace Map Initial time of entry, traffic Gender, age, store Customer distribution during Customer flow during flow and conversion rate entry frequency different time periods different time periods • improves store layout and sales • Increased store traffic. • Optimized product shelf • Optimize Store staffing promotions leading to increase placement and merchandise allocation. • Customer traffic guiding based in-store conversions. layout. on real-time behavior data. • Determines “hot” stores areas • Personalized marketing. • improves store layouts for times. increased sales . • Determines new display item efficiency. Remark AI allows retailers to respond quickly to changes in customer behavior which ultimately helps the retailer make decisions that lead to increased store efficiency and higher conversion rates. NASDAQ: MARK 13

RETAIL Remark’s AI Solution now provides offline retailers with the same robust analytics their online counterparts take for granted. OFFLINE RETAILER Facial Traffic Customer Customer Store Recognition Map Metrics Count Conversions Identifying customers Tracks browsing activity and Captures payment Counting forms the Provides context to walking in the store. how consumers move about method and foundation of business revenue numbers. the premises. Insight on what membership ID; intelligence. Knowing how Accurately keeps track products are viewed most quantified, qualitative many customers go in and of those who purchase and determined by amount of data on those that make out of stores helps put those who don't. time spent in front of product. a purchase. revenues and costs into perspective. Identifying customers Super HTTP Conversion IP Address on the internet Cookie Referrer Rate Identifying customers on Remember login information, Assigning a value of the If a web page includes Percentage of visitors to your site that the internet. track browsing activity across a pixel as a unique identifier a tracking script, your complete a specific goal. For example, ONLINE website. Insight on what pages that identifies the user. browsers tell the tracking how many visitors to your site purchase RETAILER users visit to optimize user network what pages are a certain package, sign up for your experience. viewed and how often. newsletter or book a consult. NASDAQ: MARK 14

Remark AI gives retailers an edge by providing real-time customer analytics from the moment their store through final purchase and every activity in between. Utilizing high-tech cameras and visual sensors placed throughout the store, Remark AI intelligently analyzes customer shopping behavior such as time of store entry, browsing habits and walking pattern along with number of visits, whether they’re a member or VIP as well as their purchase history. Remark AI provides the retailer with robust analytics to help make intelligent decisions about store layout and item placement and promotions while keeping the customer’s identity anonymous. Retailers experience improved efficiency and higher sales while customers enjoy improved and personalized service. With full customer anonymity Privacy and security are important to Remark AI. This technology collects data for the express purpose of analyzing customer profiles and behavior to bring consumers the best and most efficient shopping experience. Any information gathered is kept private - limited to each store’s network. It is not shared or sold to anyone else. NASDAQ: MARK 15

Case Study Remark AI empowered a traditional retail store by optimizing its product layout after analyzing customer traffic patterns and shopping behavior, which ultimately increased profits while improving operation efficiency. Intelligent Customer Flow Analysis Intelligent Membership Management Total Customer Flow Analysis NASDAQ: MARK 16

REMARK AI SOLUTIONS Smart City and Public Safety Dynamic Facial Recognition Static Facial Recognition Human/Vehicle Information Structuralizing Core Function • Facial recognition technology helps real-time recognition and discovery of high-risk targets from massive passenger flow and videos. • Visual information structuralizing for pedestrians and vehicles allows for more accurate identification of target features of pedestrian/vehicle. • Smart search image by image service helps with quickly retrieving relevant information from massive historical data. • Efficient data processing using visual information structuralizing platform. • Breaks data isolation and rapidly connects to external platforms. • Professional law enforcement review of suspected violations reduces labor costs and improves review efficiency. NASDAQ: MARK 17

REMARK AI SOLUTIONS Smart City and Public Safety Big Data Analysis – predicts road condition changes, analyzes urban functional zones, and assists in urban traffic road planning. Traffic Violation Road condition Intelligence Analysis Big Data Analysis Monitoring Monitoring Automatically detects, captures, Detection of traffic congestion, Tracking and behavior analysis Predicts road condition and obtains evidence; assists in traffic anomaly monitoring, and of vehicle targets, detects illegal changes, analyzes urban detecting traffic violations such traffic condition analysis. behaviors such as vehicles with functional zones, and assists in as running red lights, prohibited counterfeit registration plates, urban traffic road planning. turns and line crossing, driving and provides accompanying in the wrong direction, illegal vehicle analysis, correlation parking, and breaking the analysis and general vehicle speed limit. surveillance. Automatically detects, captures, and obtains evidence. Assists in detecting traffic violations. NASDAQ: MARK 18

Case Study Taxi Safety Monitoring System KanKan's taxi-safety-monitoring system, includes intelligent and digital upgrading of taxi- monitoring management systems that further improve the safety of taxi operations. As a result of a new methanol-driven upgrading plan, today's taxi fleets in China are becoming more environmentally-friendly, and now the industry-leading terminal equipment powered by KanKan-AI solutions is being installed to begin to help fleet operations become safer. The taxis are outfitted with an intuitive user experience featuring eight-inch display screens that provide navigation information, allow for internet order receiving and allow for QR-code-based payments, among other functionalities. The system requires qualified taxi drivers to login via facial recognition, thereby preventing unauthorized or illegal use of the taxi by unqualified persons. Once logged in, the driver can monitor video from the four-channel, high-definition • Intelligent and digital upgrading of taxi- cameras observing the front, back and trunk of the vehicle. Also, using video analysis technology, the system continually scans for driver violations such as smoking, operating a mobile device, or monitoring management systems. distracted driving. The monitoring terminal can transmit real-time video from inside of a vehicle • directly to traffic and public security departments via 4G networks, resulting in improved safety, Improves the safety of taxi operations. providing necessary information to law enforcement and evidence collection agencies and • Internet order receiving and allows for allowing management departments to more effectively handle disputes between drivers and passengers. QR-code-based payments. • Prevents unauthorized operation of taxi. • Prevents driver violations such as smoking, "The positive feedback from our taxi operators in Xi'an has lead to new growth opportunities for us in Guiyang and Chongqing, with a market of 25,000 vehicles and operating a mobile device, or distracted an additional revenue opportunity of more than $10 million.“ driving. Kai-Shing Tao, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Remark Holdings. NASDAQ: MARK 19

REMARK AI SOLUTIONS Workplace & Food Safety Construction Coal and mining industries Inspection Chemical plants Farms Core Function • Real-time monitoring for helmet wearing. • Real-time monitoring and early warning for unauthorized access to targeted areas. • Intelligent visual supervision to increase safety during construction. NASDAQ: MARK 20

REMARK AI SOLUTIONS Workplace & Food Safety Food safety issues have become a focus of public attention in recent years with food contamination incidents occurring frequently, posing a serious threat to consumers' health. Many food production companies and restaurants still have serious irregularities in their daily operations and services, posing a huge risk to consumers’ health and safety. The current “Clean Kitchen & Bright Stove Project” in China, which features live video broadcasts of kitchens, has improved the transparency of food production. However, the production process of the kitchen cannot be effectively supervised and monitored simultaneously by one person, and it is practically impossible to have uninterrupted personal supervision of kitchen activities over long periods of time. NASDAQ: MARK 21

WORKPLACE & FOOD SAFETY Platform Function Store Management • Cameras are configured to manage regulatory functions, review the hygienic and equipment status and check for violations. Business Statistics • Statistics are available for all participating restaurants in any selected area. • Visually displays violations. • Large and small pests are immediately identified. • Humidity and temperature are monitored; alarm for unsafe conditions. • Allows viewing of suspected regulatory violations in real time. Intelligent Supervision • Dress Code Compliance • Authorized Personnel • Pest Detection • Trash/Refuse Monitoring • Bacteria Growth • Special Areas • Personnel Hygiene • Production Flow • Sink Usage NASDAQ: MARK 22

Case Study Case Study - Food and Drug Industry Supervision Platform In cooperation with the food and drug supervision of a district in Shanghai, the intelligent kitchen management system covered the shop 24/7 and identified some violations. After confirming the violations, the management system sent reports to the district administration system, which enhanced overall supervision in the district accordingly. The efficiency of this system has been recognized and praised by users. NASDAQ: MARK 23

Sampling of Launches & Proof of Concepts in Progress TAXI-SAFETY-MONITORING PHARMACY PATIENT SYSTEM TERMINAL SYSTEM • Intelligent and digital upgrading of taxi-monitoring • Deployed a network of 5,000 AI-driven pharmacy management systems. terminals in Sichuan province in the fourth quarter • Improves the safety of taxi operations. of 2018. • • Receives internet orders and allows for QR-code- Expanding to 30 cities and 15,000 additional stores based payments. covering over 10,000 doctors and medical teams and serving over 40 million patients issuing over • Prevents unauthorized operation of taxis. 100,000 prescription every day. • Detects driver violations such as smoking, • Identifies patients and provides their medical operating a mobile device, or distracted driving. history, including previous prescriptions, automatically to their corresponding doctors. LARGE-FORMAT SUPERMARKETS WORKPLACE SAFETY • Improved Lotus Supermarket’s membership through • Chosen as a technology partner by China ShenHua insight from customer shopping behavior utilizing Energy Company technology partner chosen to facial, gesture and product recognition technologies improve production efficiency and worker safety, within Remark’s Data Analytics platform. while reducing HR management costs and safety- • Augmented reality-based interactive displays as related incidents. customers enter the stores provided an engaging and • Utilizes facial-recognition, gesture-recognition and fun way for shoppers to enhance their in-store body tracking capabilities. experience. • Partnership represents a foothold in the China • Included a portal to register new members and for energy industry, one of the largest energy markets customers to redeem coupons tailored to their in the world. shopping behavior. NASDAQ: MARK 24

Digital Media Portfolio DIVERSIFIED GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY COMPANY WITH LEADING ARTIFICIAL Digital Media Portfolio INTELLIGENCE (AI) DATA Multiple web properties including minority ownership of approximately 5% in Sharecare, Inc., ANALYTICS SOLUTIONS AND an established health and wellness platform with PORTFOLIO OF DIGITAL MEDIA more than 100MM users. PROPERTIES NASDAQ: MARK 25

Sharecare Provides Monetization Opportunity PARTNERSHIPS & HISTORY: Jeff Arnold (Remark) and Dr. INVESTORS Oz co-founded Sharecare, Inc. in 2009 SHARECARE: Digital platform allowing people to aggregate, manage and navigate their personal healthcare information so that they can manage all of their healthcare needs in one place BACKGROUND: Remark originally led technology platform development POSITION: An ownership interest of approximately 5% in issued stock with board representation REVENUE 2018: More than $300.0 MM CAPITAL RAISES: More than $400.0 MM RECENT DEVELOPMENTS: Partnership with Walmart to provide their store associates with full access to Sharecare tools and health resources. Sharecare (1) Found at Provides Monetization Opportunity transition/ NASDAQ: MARK 26


Appendix NASDAQ: MARK 28

REMARK AI Core Technologies Facial Recognition and Detection Target Detection and Information Language Processing Accuracy Behavior Recognition Structure Analysis • LFW (Labeled Faces in the Wild): • 95% or higher dress recognition rate • 90% or higher of pedestrian attribute • Supports multilingual, multi- Ranked top 3 globally for accuracy recognition rate scenario, multi-dialogue • 95% or higher electronic fence • Mega Face Standards Test: Ranked intrusion recognition rate • 90% or higher of vehicle attribute • Supports scene customization top 10 globally recognition rate • 95% or higher gesture recognition • Supports negative feedback and • NIST’s FRVT (Facial Recognition rate • 95% or higher of standard product self-learning Vendor Test): Ranked top 20 globally recognition rate • 95% or higher population and • Supports Instant Face Comparison dynamic recognition rate • 85% or higher of non-standard search of billions of faces product recognition rate • 85% or higher of individual • Supports Live Recognition and High behavioral recognition rate Occlusion Environments NASDAQ: MARK 29

Intelligent Business Decisions & Revenue Management Remark AI Business Analytics allows you Questions we can answer… to utilize your company’s data to better understand and act on real time business “What is or is not driving your growth?” metrics, improving decision making. “How did sales and promotions Offline retailers can now receive the same perform?” information that their online counterparts “What is a customer’s lifetime value?” take for granted, as customer interests and purchasing habits are analyzed to “How can the store traffic and walk drive conversion. In an era of competitive through experience be optimized for checkout conversion?” pricing and slow offline growth due to a shift in retail channels, Remark AI gives “How can more profitability and margin retailers the functional capabilities to be derived from each product increase revenue, reduce costs, improve category?” ROI and maximize efficiency. NASDAQ: MARK 30

REMARK AI + INDUSTRY LEADING PARTNERS Applying Remark AI’s Facial Recognition and Data Analytics Platform to Drive Results. Increases Improves Revenue Decreases Efficiency Ensures Costs Security NASDAQ: MARK 31

IP – 15 Chinese software copyrights have been obtained NASDAQ: MARK 32

IP – 26 Chinese patent applications have been accepted PATENTS SOFTWARE COPYRIGHTS Name Application/Patent No Name Application/Patent No A novel method of auto-detecting the beauty of human faces 201711277917.6 Chef's hat and mask detectation system 2017SR624171 A novel method of anti-spoofing of real person recognition 201711278964.2 A novel method of differentiation between motorcycles and electrical bicycles 201711319578.3 Fintech management after loan 2017SR734364 A novel method to determine dress code compliance by video monitoring 201711322606.7 A novel method of generating facial models from DNA sequences 201810036975.8 Risk management platform Software 2017SR734248 A method of extracting events from media news 201810054183.3 Fintech APP Software 2017SR734119 A novel method of differentiating machine and human access for websites and applications 201810087508.8 A novel method of facial recognition to analyze personal interests 201810107657.6 Facial recognition attendance system 2017SR622748 A method of crawling and monitoring electronic devices to detect browsing for harmful information 201810146298.5 A method of sports game video clip editing with deep learning 201810146300.9 Remark facial beauty ranking system 2017SR737560 A method for generating machine learning sample images through augmented reality 201810182434.6 Remark price crawler system 2017SR554189 A deep learning model training system based on SAAS 201810250383.6 Method and system for generating content from machine content using metadata structure and data drive 201810250391.0 Remark multimdia searching system 2017SR737002 Population traffic analysis system by billboard 201810404033.0 A novel method of personnel safety during excavation 201810404017.1 Remark open crawler platform 2017SR623898 Method for establishing mobile device cluster using second-hand mobile phones 201711308452.6 A novel method for crawling APP content on mobile phones 201711322605.2 Datapeak AI open platform 2018SR094845 A novel operation and maintenance method for visible docker container auto-compilation deployment 201810018736.X Tanqu APP-Android 2016SR077574 A method and system for measuring news dissemination 201810057107.8 An interactive animation solution that makes full use of layout space 201810097459.6 Tanqu APP-IOS 2016SR077567 An AR rendering technology method for implementing facial expressions 201810145956.9 A visualization method for displaying news event 201810175268.7 BeSquare-Android 2017SR556804 An anti-crawling method for protecting website resources 201810250380.2 A method for encrypting socket Protocols and its applications 201810354577.0 BeSquare-IOS 2017SR560610 A novel method of Encrypting Socks Protocol and Its Application 201810402787.2 Image porn identification system 2017SR627953 A two-dimensional method for displaying news event in simulating cell proliferation 201810508261.2 NASDAQ: MARK 33

Remark AI Smart Retail Ecosystem Smart Retail Platform An open AI platform that empowers Equipment Shopping partners to leverage AI in different Access business scenarios. Remark’s Mall Chain Retail technologies, experience and marketing tools help offline retailers to transform Information Remark AI System Service Platform and upgrade to “new retail." The Remark Business AI Smart Retail platform has already been applied to supermarkets, banks, Smart Hardware Supermarket telecom operators, chain stores and shopping malls. API Operational Management Date Interface Decision Decision Intelligence NASDAQ: MARK 34

Holistic Data Acquisition of Customer + Merchandise + Store + Shopping Experience Remark AI Smart Retail provides solutions covering the whole shopping cycle including customer Customer Facial data collection Build customer information and recognition portraits & insight identification, purchase, shopping acquisition process and experience, allowing Smart Smart Customer Personalized retailers to better connect with Membership Flow Service Engine consumers and increase store sales. Big data improves Intelligent Precision Marketing repurchase rate commodity selection and recommendation NASDAQ: MARK 35

SMART RETAIL DATA MANAGEMENT PLATFORM The Remark AI Retail Toolbox Customer Marketing Payment Smart Store Flow Guiding in Store Conversion Management Backend • Online reach tools • Smart interactive screen • Face collection Pad at cashier • Smart Membership • Precise marketing SMS scenario marketing • Automatic binding of FaceID • Online and offline user data integration • Offline reach tools • Interactive lottery game and cashier data • Customer consumption insight analysis • Flow guiding with smart • Precise personalized advertising • ID level consumption insight • Profile of customer flow to the store (outside) interactive screen • Personalized product • Card and coupon/red envelope • Statistics of customer flow • Smart trolley interactive Pad recommendations coupon • Smart card and coupon management • Physical coupons • Canceling of physical and • Physical card and coupon management • WeChat cards and coupons WeChat card and coupon • Electronic card and coupon management after verification • In-store guidance • Rules for scenario-based distribution • Sticker game photo printing • Precise recommendation engine • Feedback • Precise product recommendation engine • Smart Store Pad • Precise advertising recommendation engine • VIP/blacklist identification • Precise discount coupon recommendation engine • Statistical analysis of customer • Marketing effect monitoring flow • Analysis and optimization of interactive screen • Real-time operational analysis marketing effects • Analysis and optimization of coupon marketing effects • Analysis and optimization of SMS marketing effects NASDAQ: MARK 36

SMART CITY SOLUTIONS Identificatio Smart Portrait Application Platform n Access Face Static Face Identification Control Monitoring Comparison • ensures Person’s • Facial Recognition • Detects Person • POI Photo Input Identity • Registered Access of Interest • Matches Results • Facial Identification • • ID Authentication Suspicious Behavior • Similarity Level • ID Authentication • ID Authentication Restricted Law Check-In Access Security Enforcement • Customs • Communities • Police Investigation • Criminal Investigation • Airport • Hospitals • Key Area Guard • Crowd Examination • Train • Schools • Event Security • Locating POIs • Offices • POI Tracking • Examining Crowd NASDAQ: MARK 37